Real Runner


When I was bigger, I used to judge healthy, active people all the time.  I'd see runners pounding the pavement along the main drag through town, or at the nearby park, and I'd drive by and silently berate them.  "Who do these people think they are?"  If I happened to be driving with someone … [Read more...]

All or Nothing


The other night I grabbed dinner in Jersey City with my friend, Ashley.  We used to intern together at a magazine, before I made the leap to the freelance life.  In those days, I was scarfing down salami and mayonnaise sandwiches, potato chips, and coffee with extra cream in the lunchroom, and … [Read more...]

Hunger and the Gym


Back from weigh-in, and as I expected, the scale wasn't as kind to me as it has been the last few weeks.  I was up .2 pounds.  Granted, I consider a .2 loss or gain to be a maintain (really - it's the same weight as this empty water bottle sitting on my desk), but it's still disappointing when … [Read more...]

Where I Went Wrong

I'm finally ready to admit why I stopped losing weight. My first year on my healthy lifestyle, and the pounds were dropping like crazy.  I was trading in my size 18s for 16s, then 14s for 12s, and finally 10s for my very first pair of "single-digit" jeans in a matter of months.  I was hitting the … [Read more...]

Eye on the Prize

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember how I got to be almost 270 pounds.  But then we go to a sporting event (okay, okay, Disney on Ice), my mother sneaks off and buys me a giant pretzel, and then when I refuse her offering, continues to ask me every ten minutes if I'm "sure" I don't want … [Read more...]

Doin’ it for Disney


(First things first: at weigh-in yesterday morning, I was down 2.2 pounds.   I'm on my way back down.  YES!) I haven't been on a vacation - a REAL vacation - in roughly eight years.  My parents are workaholics and rarely take breaks for family excursions, and aside from studying abroad in … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser


Last night I tuned into the latest season of The Biggest Loser.  And, as always, the contestants and their stories hit uncomfortably close to home for me. As I sit there enjoying my low-fat mint chocolate chip ice cream cup topped with a dollop of lite whipped topping, it's incredibly difficult … [Read more...]

Back on Track

Today I was reminded of precisely how I manage to summon the inner strength to pass up the donuts, ice cream, potato chips, and other delectable goodies that others consume without a care in the world.  Day one of my re-commitment to Weight Watchers and 40-pound weight loss goal, and I'm feeling … [Read more...]

Meet the Former “Fattie”


I've been fat my entire life. Really. I was a 10 pound baby, and it was all uphill from there. Most women struggle with losing five, 10, or possibly 20 pounds at any given point in their lives. Lucky them! Since I was barely out of diapers, I have wrestled with full-fledged obesity. As in 40, 50, … [Read more...]