The Date Has Been Set!

First off, thanks SO much for all the well wishes on our engagement! We are beyond thrilled, and really appreciate it! :-D

So, anyways…it’s been exactly a month since I last blogged. But once I give you my excuse, I hope you’ll understand why!

Of course, since Todd “put a ring on it,” I’ve been in wedding planning mode. And I am THRILLED to report that we have both a date and a location for the big day.

We will be getting married on…

NOVEMBER 10, 2016. WOOHOO! <3

But even more exciting? Guess where we’ll be tying the knot?!?!

I’ll give you a hint.


That’s right.

WE’RE GETTING MARRIED IN FREAKIN’ WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!235348_181596261_XLarge

So, long story short, Todd and I do not have large families. And the extended family we do have, well…let’s just say we’re not close. We also only have a handful of friends we’d really want to invite. So the night we got engaged, I confessed that I had been looking into destination wedding options…specifically at The World (and let me tell you, he was SHOCKED, lol).

Honestly, it seemed like it could be the perfect option for us. Rather than sinking thousands of dollars on a wedding in the NY/NJ Metro area for a guest count that quite honestly wouldn’t total more than, say, 25-30 people at most…we decided to pretty much elope with just our immediate families.

Also? The thought of spending months choosing flowers and centerpieces and DJs and caterers made my head spin. It did not excite me. AT ALL. I think that I’m missing one of the genes that makes me a typical girl because I gotta tell you, I couldn’t care less about any of it. I’ve never flipped through bridal magazines or watched shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” or spent hours on Pinterest drooling over wedding ideas, and I have no interest in a bridal shower or bachelorette party or any of the traditional stuff. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m just not that into it.

But you know the one thing I *did* always secretly hope could happen? That I could get married in my absolute favorite place in the world to a guy who was willing to put on some mouse ears and slap on a “Just Married” pin and go take a million pictures in front of Cinerella’s Castle.

Check and check. ;)


So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that Disney has a package that’s JUST for couples like us. (Which, P.S., I had been researching long before I had a ring on my finger, haha.) Plus, a wedding at The World seemed only appropriate, and not just because I’ve been a crazy obsessed Disney fan pretty much since birth. Such a huge part of our relationship has been running…and running at Disney…and we’ve made so many awesome memories there already. :)


The Disney Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons “Escape” package is for the couple and up to 18 guests, and for a pretty reasonable amount of money you get a package that includes all the basics: the limo, the cake, the bouquet, the venue, etc. Better yet, you get a “wedding planner” and they take care of EVERYTHING for you…all you have to do is check off a few preferences like flower color, cake flavor, etc., and show up on the big day.

So, um, yeah…not only could I get married at Walt Disney World, but I could do it in a way where I didn’t have to actually PLAN anything?


I was so excited to share the news here but wanted to wait until it was official (if you’re planning the smaller wedding package, you have to wait until 8 months out to the day to book your date…and we wanted November).

We’re still working on signing contracts and whatnot, but everything HAS been booked for us! Here’s the plan:

We will be getting married at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion at the Grand Floridian at 10am on Thursday, Nov. 10.


Photo credit: Disney’s Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons

Then, as part of the package, you get to have a champagne toast/cake cutting ceremony at the Grand Floridian. Where we may or may not be inviting (read: paying) some special friends to stop by…

Photo credit: Disney Fine Art Photography and Videography

Photo credit: Disney Fine Art Photography and Videography

We will then proceed to a short “reception” at the California Grill in one of its private rooms (Napa Room) overlooking the Magic Kingdom. We’ll have the option to customize a buffet menu for our guests. (Did someone say Mickey waffle bar..?!?!)


Photo credit: Disney Fairytale Weddings & Honeymoons

And we’ll finish the day with a private dessert party at Epcot while watching Illuminations. Since we’ll be escorted into the park by a “guide,” I’m allowed to wear my dress in the park!


Photo credit: Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

And the following night, I hope to book a private pontoon boat to take us onto the Seven Seas Lagoon to watch my most FAVORITE fireworks…Wishes. ;)


Oh, and one of the MOST EXCITING THINGS EVER? We’re going to book a private bridal portrait session in the Magic Kingdom prior to park opening. Obviously this privilege costs about a million dollars, but I know it’s going to be SO, SO worth it. The plan is basically to cut corners on all the things we don’t care about as much (ahem, flowers) so that we can splurge on the once-in-a-lifetime stuff. :-D


Photo credit: Disney Fine Art Photography and Video

So, that’s the story so far. In case you didn’t pick up on it, I’m sooooo excited — and can’t wait to share all of the details with you guys along the way!

Who wants to share some of their favorite wedding planning tips/advice? ;)

If you could get married anywhere in the world…where would you choose?


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