NYCM Training: Week 7 — New Running Shoes!

I can’t believe I’m already coming to the end of my second month of marathon training! How freakin’ fast did this summer go?! Here’s a look at my 7th week of New York City Marathon training! :)

Mon., Aug. 11: 9 miles (counted in last week’s totals)

Tue., Aug. 12: Thai kickboxing class

Wed., Aug. 13: 4 miles

Thur., Aug. 14: Rest

Fri., Aug. 15: 4 miles and Taekwondo class

Sat., Aug 16: Rest

Sun., Aug. 17: 14 miles

Total weekly mileage: 22 miles

I missed one 7-mile run last week because I pushed back my 9-miler due to birthday festivities, but other than that, I got all my runs in…and, more importantly, am feeling about a MILLION times better than I was in the first couple weeks of training.

It’s still hot and humid and GROSS most days, but waking up at the buttcrack of dawn on weekends for long runs and/or waiting until the sun is setting on weeknights for my 3- and 4-milers has made a big difference. Plus, it feels like my body is finally adapting to running longer distances again. I guess there’s something to be said for this whole marathon training concept…?


Once again, I was blessed with some FANTABULOUS long-run weather this past weekend. I started my 14-miler on a cloudy, cool, drizzly morning in the upper 60′s — which felt heavenly — but then even when the sun came out in the later miles, there was still a nice breeze and it never broke 80 degrees. Todd joined me for the last 8 miles of my run, since he’s officially in training for the Philadelphia Marathon now! (Sucks for him that I’ll be enjoying my taper when he’s suffering through his 19- and 20-milers, HA). ;) 0817141158b

I was enjoying the park and felt pretty strong up until the last mile or two, which seemed to drag on and on and ON…but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be, right? I seem to be averaging an 11-minute/mile, tops, for pretty much my entire long run as of late…and in 75-80+ degree temperatures, I am MORE than happy with that!


I’ve also got some new stuff that’s helping me along the way. One lifesaver these past couple of weeks? Todd got me a new Nathan hydration belt with 4 bottles for my birthday! (What can I say, the man knows what I like, LOL). Also, I think he was getting tired of me complaining that I was constantly running out of water on longer runs (I’ve been using a two-bottle belt).


Also, last weekend Todd and I went to replace our sneakers — I’ve been running in the same pair since the Princess Half Marathon way back in February, and that is clearly just NOT acceptable. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had mysterious knee pain and back pain and calf pain and foot pain and basically every other kind of lower-body pain you can imagine, and I know it was related to my poor, sad, beaten-up shoes.

I was fitted at a local running store, Westfield Running Company, before I began training for my first half marathon, and since then I’ve exclusively bought the same pair of sneakers over and over again. I have a wide foot (and I’m a size 10, for cryin’ out loud) so I can’t really fit in women’s shoes. I have to run in men’s models — and, for me, it’s Brooks Glycerin all the way. 0821141154

The guy at the store showed me the same model in a women’s and tried to get me to try on the women’s pair — and, mind you, it was tempting because the women’s sneakers are SO much prettier — but am I the only one who’s weird and won’t even CONSIDER switching sneakers? Like, EVER? These bad boys got me through every single race thus far, including the Dopey Challenge. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Fortunately for me, though, the latest model came in colors that aren’t QUITE as masculine, so I’m loving my new sneakers.

(Also, does it make me a super huge dork that I’m excited that these are the shoes I’ll be running the New York City Marathon in?!)

Have you ever switched your running sneaker brand/model?

What’s been your must-have running gear this summer?

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