NYCM Training: Weeks 5 and 6

Well, seeing as how I’m chronically behind on my blogging, I guess I’ll go ahead and combine weeks 5 and 6 of New York City Marathon training for you guys. :)


Mon., Aug. 10: 10 miles (counted in last week’s totals)

Tue., Aug. 11: Rest

Wed., Aug. 12: 4 miles and Taekwondo class

Thur., Aug. 13: 6 miles

Fri., Aug. 14: Taekwondo class

Sat., Aug 15: Rest

Sun., Aug. 16: 12 miles

Total weekly mileage: 22 miles


Mon., Aug. 17: Taekwondo class

Tue., Aug. 18: 5 miles

Wed., Aug. 19: 6 miles

Thur., Aug. 20: 4 miles

Fri., Aug. 21: Taekwondo class

Sat., Aug. 22: Rest

Sun., Aug. 23: 10 miles

Total weekly mileage: 25 miles

So our 12-mile long run was BRUTAL, with a capital “B.” Todd struggled too, so it wasn’t even just me whining this time (I swear). We didn’t start early enough (the story of our lives), and it just so happened to be a disgustingly humid, BRIGHTLY SUNNY day.

Our pace was pretty slow (for us), we kept having to stop to walk and guzzle Powerade/water, and at one point I was so desperate to get out of the sun that we spent a mile or two just running up and down a local strip mall…since it had an overhang, it felt *slightly* cooler under there.

We must’ve looked like complete buffoons to all the casual shoppers, but, hey…you gotta do what you gotta do, right?


12 HUMID miles done…in my favorite new skirt. :)

After our hard effort, we rewarded ourselves with our favorite post-long run treats. Which somehow makes the pain go away, even temporarily. :)


In these steamy summer months, our other go-to recovery ritual? Lounging around by the pool allllllll afternoon, doing ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. While I’m very, VERY anxious for the arrival of cooler temperatures, I am definitely going to miss the pool. :(


Week 6′s long run of 10 miles, on the other hand, went swimmingly (no pun intended). Of course, it had a whole lot to do with the weather — a bit cooler in the mid-70′s to low-80′s, but with clouds and a slight breeze — but I am also LOVING the scale-back week right now.

We’re using New York City Marathon’s plan (for the “conservative” runner, of course, haha) and it calls for a scale-back week of 10 miles every other week. Neither of us has ever done that before in any of our previous training plans, but because our long runs never seem to go as well as we hope — and the thought of attempting another round of back-to-back 16-, 18-, and 20-mile runs pretty much makes me want to fling myself off the Verrazano Bridge — I figured it was worth a try.

And I gotta say, I’m loving it. I’m sure it gives my body (and poor, poor legs) a little extra recovery time, but for me, I feel like I SO need the mental break. I love knowing that after a tough, agonizing long run, that the following week I’ll “only” have to put in a 10-miler.


10 miles (not to be confused with jazz hands…)

Sure, the weekly mileage is a bit higher on the scale-back weeks, but I’ve definitely reached the point where the 5- and 6-mile weekly runs aren’t killing me quite as much as they did when I first started my training back in July. That’s progress, right? :)

Does your training plan have scale-back weeks?

Do you have a favorite post-run recovery treat or ritual?

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