I’m Going Goofy!

Hey, everyone! Just dropping in to share in all the excitement — it’s Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend registration day!

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided that I will be sitting Dopey out this year. And probably for the foreseeable future. Don’t get me wrong — I had the time of my life that weekend, and I really couldn’t have ever imagined a more incredible first marathon experience.

However, I’ve decided that I’m happy with Dopey as a one-time thing. For now, anyway. I may take on 48.6 again in the future, but for 2015, I’ll be focusing on a different challenge!

running goofy

That’s right. I WILL be back for WDW Marathon Weekend in 2015, and this time, I’ll get to skip two early wake-up calls for fairly lackluster races, IMHO, and focus entirely on the half and full marathons!


I’d say Goofy’s 39.3 mile challenge is definitely a better choice for me this time around. I’ll be running the New York City Marathon in November, and even though we all know I don’t “race” in Disney, I do fully intend to pour everything I have into my NYCM training…and then I’ll take on my FUN Disney races about eight weeks later. :)


Plus, who could pass up anniversary bling? Once I found out that it’s Goofy’s 10-year anniversary in 2015, that pretty much sealed the deal for me… :)


Photo credit: runDisney

The best and MOST EXCITING news of all?

Todd is registering for the marathon…so we’ll get to take on another 26.2 together! We ran the half marathon together this year, and I am BEYOND EXCITED to run the full with him next year!goofy2014_2

Who’s joining me for WDW Marathon Weekend?!

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