Weekly Workouts and My Last Long Run

Hi, everyone! Here’s a look at last week’s workouts.

Mon., Aug 12: 6 miles

Tue., Aug. 13: Taekwondo class

Wed., Aug. 14: 5 miles

Thur., Aug. 15: Rest

Fri., Aug. 16: Taekwondo class and 6 miles

Sat., Aug. 17: Thai Kickboxing class

Sun., Aug. 18: Strength training

Mon., Aug 19: 10 miles

Total weekly mileage: 27 miles

As many of you know, the Dumbo Double Dare is just around the corner…I’m leaving for Disneyland on the 29th! That means that this week’s workouts included my last long run before the race. Now I get to kick back (just a little bit) and make sure my legs are “fresh” and rested for Dumbo!

I was hoping to get in one final 11- or 12-miler yesterday, but since my genius self started my run just a bit too late in the afternoon, I ran out of daylight around mile 9. And I am definitely very, very afraid of running in the dark by myself. So I aimed for a double-digit run, instead, and called it a night at 10 miles.


It’s probably super corny, but I tend to get a little nostalgic at the end of a training period for a particular race. I can’t help but think of everything I’ve been through as I’ve trained for this race, or the blood, sweat, and tears I’ve poured into the process of preparing both my body and my mind to take on this 19.3 mile challenge.

I impulsively registered for Dumbo back in January, so even though I did run a few half marathons after the Princess Half in February — Runapalooza, the Long Branch Half Marathon, and the Superhero Half Marathon — this has been the BIG RACE on my mind for the last several months.

Dreaming of Disneyland and that 10K/half marathon combo is what got me through those scary long runs in the scorching summer temperatures, runs in the rain, runs when I was too tired, runs when I didn’t feel like running, runs when I was in pain, runs when I was too busy, and the list goes on and on.

It got me through both an 11- and a 12-mile training run, a 10-mile race at the Jersey Shore (ON SAND!), and several back-to-back longer runs on tired, achy legs.

It got me through various personal issues, including the end of an almost 12-year relationship, and the beginning of something totally amazing with someone who, fortunately, genuinely seems to understand what running — and training for these crazy runDisney challenges — means to me. :)

I can’t help but think about how scared I was back then about even being able to finish a half marathon, let alone run a 10K and a half marathon back-to-back in the same weekend. I was convinced that I had simply lost my marbles, and I was so scared of having to back out of the race weekend when I ultimately discovered that running half marathons just wasn’t for me.

And now? I am READY. I know I can do this, and truth be told, I’m a little sad that my training is coming to an end.

I won’t have too long of a break, though…training for the Dopey Challenge begins as soon as I return home from California! :)

Anyone else feel kind of sad when your training cycle comes to an end for particular race?

Who else is PUMPED for Dumbo?


  1. Ahh, I’m so excited for you!

    I bet I’ll feel sad (and super anxious) when my training for this first half comes to a close, but I didn’t feel sad when training for my first 5K ended. Although, almost every time I run a distance over 3 miles today I think back nostalgically about 5K training and how much work went into that.

    Training for a half is no small task, but I sometimes think training for that 5K was the hardest thing I’ll ever do as a runner… although as my mileage continues to creep higher my thoughts on that might change :)

    • Thanks, Kristina! You’re going to feel incredibly accomplished when training for your half comes to an end, and I know exactly how you feel about training for that first 5K! Amazing how far we’ve come since then. :-D

  2. IT’S ALMOST HERE!! :)

  3. Not sad, but excitement. At the end of training, I know I’ve put in the hard work and I’m ready to get my bling!

  4. One more week for you!!! How exciting!!

    I don’t necessarily get sad at the end of a training cycle (especially for a Disney race) because I know I’ll soon be at the most magical place on earth soon! I do, however, get pretty nervous and also get these random moments when I feel “in awe” of knowing I’ll soon be running such long distances! Is that weird? lol

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