Weekly Workouts and My Gold Belt!

IMG_7827Hi all! How was everyone’s weekend? This Friday, I was FINALLY promoted to gold belt in Taekwondo — super exciting!

It typically takes me way longer to graduate to the next belt level than it should because my piano teaching schedule makes it hard for me to make more than one class per week. It can be a little bit frustrating to feel so behind…especially since all of the “grown-ups” I joined with are now at the green belt level, and I often have to take classes with kids!

However, I really do enjoy martial arts. Don’t get me wrong — it’s no running or anything! — but there’s something about the whole “mind-body connection” aspect of Taekwondo that really appeals to me, and the lessons in discipline really have trickled down into other areas of my life.

Meanwhile, Thai Kickboxing has helped me discover both my inner and outer strength, and taught me how to defend myself…which as a newly-single woman I think is always very important. Not that my recent dates have given me any reason to bust out my sick moves…yet!

There’s nothing that eliminates my stress like punching and kicking and elbowing and kneeing a wavemaster until there’s a puddle of sweat at my feet and my heart is pounding out of my chest, or working one-on-one with a partner to see how these techniques might just work in a real confrontation. I have to say, hearing classmates and instructors call me “the tough one” always makes me feel really good. I may have never been the “pretty” girl or the “popular” girl, but, today, I absolutely revel in being considered the “strong” girl.

IMG_7749Monday (17th): 6 milesIMG_7772

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: Off

Friday: Taekwondo class and graduation

Saturday: 4 miles and Thai Kickboxing class

Sunday: 3 miles and Thai Kickboxing class

Total weekly mileage: 20 miles

I’m planning on getting in a long run today or tomorrow (most likely tomorrow, because I am SORE), since I once again missed out over the weekend! I figured I’d focus on ramping up my volume this week to compensate for being a little behind in my Dumbo training plan.

I’ve noticed that trying to juggle my addiction to both martial arts and running tends to pose a few issues when I need to be getting in those longer runs during half marathon training. I can only make Thai Kickboxing classes on the weekend, typically, which is when I really need to be focused on pounding the pavement.IMG_7829 And, let’s face it, neither activity is particularly gentle on the body, so when I don’t wake up feeling sore and stiff, I almost feel like I must be doing something wrong!

Trying to squeeze all of the martial arts classes I can into each week along with whatever runs are scheduled on my training plan really isn’t easy, but I’m trying to make it work!

Anyone else have a favorite fitness activity besides running? How do you juggle them both?


  1. Congrats on your gold belt, that is incredible!

    I have always wanted to do Krav Maga or Taekwondo, but sadly it’s not in the budget right now. Here lately I have been trying to do more swimming and biking though. I’m not quite addicted yet, but we shall see if that changes after my triathlon race next month lol!

    • Thanks so much, Lauren! You are correct…my martial arts tuition is NOT inexpensive. I’ll totally skimp on other things just to be able to afford it, I’m too addicted to quit now! I’m SO excited to hear about your triathlon, I’m dying to do one! Best of luck with your training, you’re going to crush it! :)

  2. Congrats on the new belt! I would love to try new stuff but I also find training for races takes up a lot of my athletic time.

  3. Congrats on the new belt! I’d take being the strong girl over anything else – being strong inspires other people to be strong and that is always positive!

  4. Stephanie@nowiun.com says:

    Way to go on earning your gold belt… I’ve considered karate or Taekwondo but haven’t ever done it. I think it’s something I might have time for while my kids are in college!
    Glad to hear you are the “tough one!”

  5. Thanks so much, Stephanie! It can definitely be time consuming, that’s for sure…but it’s an absolute blast! :)

  6. Yeah! Congrats on the gold belt! I have to admit I laughed when you said sometimes you have to take classes with the kids, but to be honest I bet I would have a blast taking a class with kids! : )

    • Thanks so much! Haha, believe me, I know it’s a little ridiculous. But the Taekwondo program is for both children and adults, so, I just have to deal! It’s funny because we start and end the class with games like “karate tag,” and I’m sorry to say, it’s quite fun! The adults totally enjoy it as much as the kids, whether they want to admit it or not. ;)

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