New York City Marathon 2014: I DID IT!

First and foremost, thank you all for the support and encouragement you’ve given me in the weeks/months leading up to the race, and the real-time support on Twitter/Facebook yesterday! I really appreciate it!

I’ll be working on my recap over the next couple of days (and waiting for my MarathonFoto pictures, of course, haha), but I did want to drop in and announce that I DID, in fact, complete the New York City Marathon yesterday!


I won’t get into all the details just yet, but I will say that I struggled more than I expected to in the second half of the race. This was, by far, my most difficult marathon to date — and, yes, that includes completing the Dopey Challenge!

Unfortunately, I did not meet my “best-case scenario” sub-5 hour time goal…but I pretty much knew it may not happen as I was getting blown off the Verrazano bridge, barely made it over the Queensboro, and basically did nothing but struggle after mile 13. The hilly course and those 30+ MPH winds totally kicked my butt yesterday. Although, with a finish time of 5:16, I did technically PR — so I guess can’t complain too much!

Plus, I did spend some time posing for a few pictures along the way. It wasn’t originally part of my race-day plan, but once I knew this wasn’t going to be my finest performance, how could I possibly resist this view?!


It’s disappointing to train so hard for this race and then not be able to perform the way I wanted to. I KNOW I could have done better, and I also know that I wasn’t the only one struggling in those weather conditions. The wind just made what was already a difficult challenge that much harder, and looking back, I hate that I had such a crappy attitude in those final miles of the marathon when I knew I wasn’t going to meet my goal.

No matter what, I learned a lot out there on the course yesterday. And, most importantly, I am a freakin’ New York City Marathon finisher! Nothing can ever take that away from me.


Running this race was an UNFORGETTABLE experience, and, as cheesy as it sounds, it was honestly a dream come true for me. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! :)


  1. WAY TO GO!!! 5:16 is an awesome finishing time especially with the weather conditions which must have been so hard to deal with! I can see that your face got a little bit of wind burn, although you still look freakin amazing! You look like a kick ass marathoner!!!!!!

    • Ahhh, thanks Kristina! Wind burn was the LEAST of my problems that day, LOL. The course was brutal enough, but those winds did NOT help! Appreciate your support, as always! :)

  2. A huge well done. That’s a great time in those conditions – even the elites struggled and didn’t hit their time goals so be proud!
    I totally sympathise with your attitude issue once you knew you weren’t going to hit your goal – I had the same problem with my 50km last month – as soon as I knew my sub 6 had gone out of the window I was so negative instead of focussing on the fact that I was actually going to finish! NYC looks awesome though!!

    • Thanks so much — and believe me, that made me feel a lot better! It totally sucks to see your goal slip away, and I hate that I let it get me down. Looking back, I don’t even care about my finish time all that much anyway…to me, I think it’s always going to be about the experience!

  3. Great job on comple the NYC marathon. The weather was brutal I’m sure.

  4. Congrats! You look great and you got some awesome pictures. I love your race day outfit! You are always too hard on yourself! I can only hope to run a 5:19 at my first marathon next year! -M

    • Aww, thanks Meranda! You are 100 percent right, and I hate that about myself. Thanks for always helping to give me some perspective! :)

  5. Conrgats Jenn!!! So happy your PR. You pretty much described how I felt, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. I look forward to reading your recap. I looked out for you in the village, but Wave 3 may have been lining up already by the time I was there. PS. Saw your picture in Nicole’s post for favorite costume :)

    • YES, exactly! And CONGRATS, again! Haha, I saw it too — I definitely got some extra attention on the course, that’s for sure, LOL.

  6. Great job! That is fantastic. Not only did you finish, but you did it in rough conditions only making it more impressive
    Way to go!

  7. Congratulations! you look fabulous as always and kicked butt! everyone has been saying how rough that race was, you are rock star!

  8. You did GREAT!!! Who cares about the time, you actually FINISHED!!! And THAT is quite an accomplishment to brag about, so boast away girlie!! :)

    • Thanks so much, Kimberley! I appreciate your support. And believe you me, I am relishing in the accomplishment, no matter what! :)

  9. Congrats on finishing!! 5:16 is awesome! I was aiming for a sub 6, and came in at 6:17 but that wind was so brutal I was just happy to finish.

    PS we totally wore the same sparkle athletic skirt haha.

    • Thanks so much, Jessica, and CONGRATULATIONS! Honestly, the hills were bad enough, but then to fight the wind almost the whole way…it killed me. By the halfway mark, I basically just said to myself, “okay, new goal: FINISH!”

      Hahaha, that is too funny! Looking forward to your recap! :)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the full recap! WOOHOO!!!

    • Ahhh, thanks again, Kellie! I’m SO disappointed I missed you on the bridge! Would have loved to finally meet you! Plus, I DEFINITELY needed the distraction at that point, lol.

  11. Congrats!!! New York is a dream race for me too, so I can only imagine how you must have felt.

  12. Great job! Even if it was difficult, you crossed that finish line! I don’t know how anyone did the race in that wind.

  13. Congratulations! Honestly, the wind added such an unexpected element (albeit not nearly as bad as the Channukah Chalf!), so you should definitely not be disappointed with not making your “best case scenario” goal!

    I LOVE your outfit and LOVE the picture of you with the city in the background! I so wish I had seen you on Sunday! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts/ experience on the race!

    • Thanks so much, Danielle! Haha, yeah, tell me about it…there was NOTHING quite like Chanukah Chalf, lol.

      Aw, thanks! I know, I had my eyes peeled — was hoping I’d see you! Looking forward to your recap, too! Congrats again on an awesome finish! :)

  14. Great job! I absolutely love your race outfit too. Everyone that ran NY said it was a brutal day. Can’t wait to read your recap but in the meantime, celebrate and enjoy your accomplishment.

    • Thanks so much, Pam! Brutal isn’t even the word for it — a marathon is hard enough without the wind element, that’s for sure. :)

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