Goofy Challenge: Costume Reveal and Final Thoughts

Hey, guys! So I’m writing this from the airport — which is a lot more exciting to me than it probably should be. :)

Before we get on the plane to my most favorite place in the world — WALT DISNEY WORLD! — I wanted to share this weekend’s costumes! Which, of course, were once again made by Todd’s mom. (Hi, Nancy!)

She puts up with a lot of my nonsense when it comes to making my race costume visions a reality, and I am SO happy with how they turned out!

For the half, I decided to continue my Frozen obsession and go as Olaf. Which is quite possibly the easiest costume ever — once you have the appropriate headwear, of course. Gotta love Amazon.


I’m far more excited about my marathon costume. Since it’s the first time Todd and I will be running the Walt Disney World Marathon together, I had to go with an extra special costume.

As many of you know, I am obsessed with The Little Mermaid. I ran my first ever half marathon (Princess 2013!) as Ariel. So I found it only appropriate to return as my favorite princess yet again. But, this time, I’ll be “land” Ariel, and Todd kindly agreed to run as Prince Eric.


(And, yes, we will somehow be running with Ariel’s favorite sidekicks. I figured I already ran 26.2 miles carrying a freakin’ torch, so what’s a silly little stuffed animal?)

Meanwhile, it’s supposed to be nice and cool all week EXCEPT the day of the marathon — of course — so I’ll probably drop dead from heat exhaustion from the felt corset. But it’s all for a good cause. :)

As far as, you know, the actual RUNNING of the races…well…I guess we’ll see what happens. As terrified as I was to run Dopey last year, I KNEW I was trained for it, and that I had done everything I could possibly do. But, still, I doubted myself up until the very second I crossed that final finish line. There was a part of me that was convinced that I couldn’t do it.

Am I under-trained this time around? Yes. Am I little concerned about the physical agony I’ll likely be in this weekend? You bet.

But what’s cool about going into the Goofy Challenge this time around is the confidence of knowing that I can do this. It’s a really amazing feeling to finally — FINALLY — have some semblance of confidence in myself. And if running 39.3 or 48.6 miles in a weekend is what it takes to get me to this point, then so be it. :)

So, if you see me/us, PLEASE say “hi!” I hope to get the chance to meet some of you guys this weekend!

Okay, who else is running this weekend?! And please share costumes so I can be sure to look for you! :)


  1. your costumes are adorable. Have fun!

  2. LOVE your costumes as always! I almost did land Ariel last year, but switched to Belle at the last minute. Love the bow! Have SO much fun! Phil and I were both in physical agony at the 2013 WDW Marathon (so hot!) and yet had an absolute blast. I’m glad you’ve got confidence this time around. Enjoy!

  3. LOVE your costumes and look forward to the recap! SO bummed I won’t be there so we can run into each other at the porta potties again! Have a magical weekend!

  4. Your costumes are absolutely adorable! Can’t wait to see more pics of you wearing them!

  5. Adorable! I can’t wait to see the photos – they always turn out well!

  6. Love the costumes as always. I hope I see you this weekend!!!

  7. Those are adorable!!! And can we talk about how hot the marathon is going to be? Ugh, not excited, but at least the storms that were originally predicted have moved into the evening it looks like. I won’t be in a costume : ( But if I see Prince Eric and Ariel running together, I will def stop and say hey!

  8. OMG Ariel and Prince Eric! What a fantastic idea! You two are the cutest couple!

    I hope you both have a blast at the races. Can’t wait to see pics and read your recaps!

  9. LOVE the costumes!! Im not running this weekend but will be there for Princess! Good luck doing goofy. That is my goal for next year!

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