Weekly Workouts and Finding My Confidence

Hi, everyone! Time for this week’s (as per usual, slightly tardy) weekly workouts!

Tue., July 30: Taekwondo class

Wed., July 31: 3 miles and Thai kickboxing class

Thur., Aug. 1: Rest

Fri., Aug. 2: 4 miles and Taekwondo class

Sat., Aug. 3: Thai kickboxing class

Sun., Aug. 4: 5 miles

Mon., Aug. 5: 12 miles

Total weekly mileage: 24 miles

So I did a little bit of a Dumbo Double Dare test run this weekend, with 5 miles on Sunday and 12 miles on Monday. And I have to say, I am feeling TOTALLY ready to rock both of these races!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been a little bit under the weather, so I really, REALLY was not looking forward to taking on 12 miles this week. However, I put on my big girl panties and forced myself out the door, and I have to say, I felt great.

It was nice and cool when I started running around 6pm (well, as cool as it can be in August, I mean) and by the time I reached miles 6 and 7 I knew without a doubt that I was ready to take on another half marathon. The final miles flew by, and it was the first time since I started officially training for Dumbo that I really, truly knew that I was going to be able to take on this challenge.

I keep thinking back to when I was training for the Princess Half, and how convinced I was that no matter how many long runs I successfully completed, that I would never be truly “ready” to run a half marathon.

I had nightmares about the race for weeks before we left for Florida, and allowed myself to obsess over the possibility that I would end up on one of the dreaded “sweeper” buses. I was downright terrified that I’d never see that finish line. I literally could NOT sleep the night before the race.


Absolutely terrified. Could I look any more nervous (or exhausted)?

I was convinced that no matter how much I trained, a half marathon would always be out of my reach. I was insane for even attempting to take on the challenge. I would NEVER be a “real” runner.

I know I’ve run a few half marathons since then, but since this will be my second runDisney experience, I can’t help but continue to reflect on how far I’ve come in just a matter of a few months.

In three weeks, I will run not only a half marathon, but a 10K in the same weekend. And this time, I have not a shadow of a doubt that I will finish both races. Will they be PRs? Absolutely not…there are going to be WAY too many photo opportunities and fun along the way for me to even consider my finish time. But I’ve worked really hard for this, and I’m beyond excited to prove just how silly it was to waste so much time doubting myself.

I think the most important lesson that I’ve taken from my Dumbo training — from my impulsive registration back in January to these final long runs in the heat of summer — is that I’m finally starting to be able to trust in myself and my training and know that I CAN do this. I have to admit, having confidence in myself is still really new for me…but I’m loving it!

How do you know when you’re READY for a big race? Has running helped boost your self-confidence?


  1. Such a good, positive update on your running! I know you are going to ROCK these races!!! Confidence is something that I have always struggled with and to this day still have issues with, so I know how you feel. All you can do is trust in your training and that you have prepared yourself to your best of ability. Then the day of, just let all that anxiety go and just have fun! That’s what it’s all about! If you aren’t having fun, then why are you doing it?

    I hope to meet you there! It would be great to hang out!

    • Thanks so much, Lena! I know exactly what you mean about struggling with my confidence, BELIEVE ME. But, like you said, Disney races are DEFINITELY all about the fun! :-)

      Absolutely! I’d love to meet you! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for you! :-D

  2. I’m so happy for you that you are feeling so confident going into Dumbo! That is awesome! I’m three months out from my first half and the sweeper cars are starting to creep into my dreams. How mortifying and demoralizing to get swept up… I hope the fear of them alone will help me keep up the pace for the whole half!

    • Thanks, Kristina! I know what you mean. You’re going to rock your first half…I had the SAME nightmares before my first, too. You know you’re doing what you have to do to train, and all your hard work is going to pay off on race day — you’ll see! :-D

  3. Good for you feeling confident going into Dumbo! Nothing better than feeling ready for a race! I feel confident in finishing the distance, but I had really been hoping for a PR – unfortunately I’m just not feeling quite trained for that…oh well!

  4. The great thing about starting with Disney is their races are so much fun. I didn’t feel 100% ready, but I knew I could finish, which was all I wanted. Even so, I talk about every race like “if I finish.” Just like Hercules: “If. If is good.”

    • SO true. I still worry about finishing races, too, as crazy as it seems. But with runDisney, you’re GUARANTEED a great time, no matter what! :-D

  5. That is some inspiring stuff. I get nervous before the first day of a new job, I couldn’t think what nerves would do to me before something like your first marathon run.

    How did you manage to finally calm down and fall asleep before your big race?

    • I know what you mean! I still sometimes have trouble sleeping before a big race, or I struggle with nervousness or anxiety, but after you cross the finish line of a few half marathons, the pre-race jitters DO start to fade a bit! Just takes time! :-D

  6. Great job girl! So excited for you – have fun and kick butt!!

  7. I love your positive attitude! You’re going to rock Dumbo, I just know it.

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