Weekly Workouts and Dumbo Double Dare News!

Hi everyone! So I’m a little late with my weekly workout post again — apologies!

Tue., July 23: Taekwondo class

Wed., July 24: Downtown Westfield 5K and Pizza Extravaganza (RECAP HERE)

Thur., July 25: 6 miles

Fri., July 26: Rest

Sat., July 27: Strength training

Sun., July 28: 5 miles

Mon., July 29: 11 miles

Total weekly mileage: 25 miles

I’ve been dealing with a cold this week, so pretty much every mile was a struggle. There’s nothing fun about running when your throat hurts and you can’t breathe through your nose and you’re already feeling fatigued before you even get started!

However, despite being a bit under-the-weather, I made sure to keep my weekly mileage up a lot closer to where it should be this close to Dumbo. I took on my longest run since my last half marathon in May — 11 miles — and I also made sure to schedule my long run the day after a 5-miler to help make sure I really am ready to run those 19.3 miles all in one weekend!

Speaking of Dumbo…I know that my fellow runDisney aficionados are excited today because we’re finally privy to our waivers and corral placements for the 10K and half marathon races.

And, without further ado, I am THRILLED to announce that my finish time of 2:03 in Asbury Park’s Runapalooza in April helped me snag a spot in Corral B! I’m super excited! We all know that I “run Disney” for the costumes and the photo opportunities and the fun, and starting a little bit earlier helps me to ensure that I can soak up as much of the race-day magic as I possibly can.

Also, I have (FINALLY) decided on my costume choices for both races. I will be running as my two favorite monsters from my all-time favorite Disney-Pixar movie! I’m absolutely obsessed with Monsters, Inc., and since the release of Monsters University thrilled me to no end (I’m hoping to catch it for a third time before it leaves theaters!), I felt running as Mike Wazowski (10K) and Sulley (half marathon) was only appropriate. I’ll definitely post pictures here as I finish both costumes! :)


If you’re still looking for Dumbo updates, you can find them here: waivers, corrals, and race instructions.

I think what’s most exciting for me, other than the fact that this will be my first-ever trip to Disneyland, is that I impulsively signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare back in January before I had even completed my first half marathon. I had no clue what running 13.1 miles would be like, or if I’d even be able to finish the Princess Half Marathon…and yet when registration opened for the 10K/half marathon challenge in Disneyland, I knew I had to take a leap of faith and sign up. I truly felt like a big old “Dumbo” for assuming that I’d ever be able to cross the finish line of a half marathon, and especially right after taking on a 10K!

So, to me, running Dumbo next month will really represent what I can accomplish when I believe in myself. And THAT is why I will probably never be the kind of runner who spends an inordinate amount of time beating myself up over disappointing finish times in races. It may sound kind of corny, but, for me, the true accomplishment is that I’m at the starting line in the first place!

The best part of all? I am feeling completely and 100 percent ready to take on this challenge. There is not a single doubt in my mind that I will be able to finish strong at both races. I CAN’T WAIT!



Okay, Dumbo runners: tell me about your costumes! I want to be sure I can find some of you guys! Anyone else joining me in Corral B? :-D

Everyone else: Have you ever impulsively signed up for a race/challenge that you weren’t sure you could finish?





  1. Good luck! I looked at DDD and didn’t think I’d be able to train enough for it in the relatively short time between PHM & DDD, so i opted not to do it. I will be there for DL 1/2 & to get my C2C though. :) I’m in Corral D. Hope you have the greatest experience! And good luck on your costumes! My daughter & I have finally figured out what we’re doing for the 5K, but I still have no idea what to do for the 1/2/

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks so much! Running the half is going to be amazing. I’ll be getting my C2C, as well — CONGRATS! That’s so cool that you’ll be running the 5K with your daughter. Maybe I’ll see you in DL! :-D

  2. Cute costume ideas! I was thinking of being Mike during the half, but decided to run as a Mouseketeer instead! Kinda excited about that!
    I’ll be in corral D, so I’ll be bringing up the rear after you. Kinda bummed at my placement since I was in C at PHM, but as long as I keep up my pace all will be gravy.

    Oh yeah…and I signed up for DDD before I completed my first half marathon! Talk about putting the cart before the horse! I knew I was going to have fun regardless and I could walk the courses if need be, so I wasn’t too worried. I just didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away from participating in an inaugural race!

    • Jennifer says:

      Aw, thanks! OMG, a Mouseketeer — such an awesome idea! Hope to get a chance to see your costume!

      I was in Corral A for PHM, so that seems to be the trend. At the end of the day, who really cares…we’ll all get the cross the finish line, right? That’s what counts! :-D

      Glad to know I’m not the only crazy one! I definitely didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, either. Now, I’m SO glad I took a leap of faith and just signed up. It’s going to be amazing! :-D

  3. Ahhh I bet your costumes are going to be AWESOME! I can’t wait to see them :) Are you making them yourself??

  4. Impulse took over when I signed up in April for a 10k that took place in June, knowing full well I was dealing with ITBS. It was for a great cause though, so I didn’t feel bitter when I had to pull out due to the injury.

    • Jennifer says:

      ARGH, that’s stinks! I know a thing or two about signing up for races on an impulse, haha. But, like you said, if it’s for a good cause then no biggie!

  5. CONGRATS ON CORRAL B!! That is amazing! I can’t wait to see pics of your costumes and hear about your race/trip!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks so much, Lauren! I’m super excited. Lots of preparations to be made in the next few weeks, that’s for sure! :-D

  6. Congrats on Corral B, that’s great! Love the Mike & Sully costume ideas, can’t wait to see them!

  7. That movie is the best. I love Mike and Sully (I wanted our boys to name the new kittens Mike and Sully but they didn’t). Your costumes are going to be fantastic, I know! :)

    • Jennifer says:

      I LOVE the movie, and that would have been SO cute to name the kittens Mike and Sulley! That’s totally something I would do, haha. Thanks so much, can’t wait to put the finishing touches on the costumes and share them with all of you guys! :-D

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