WE DID IT: Disneyland Half Marathon/Dumbo Double Dare/Coast to Coast Challenge!

Hey, guys! Sorry for the crickets here! We just got back from CA late on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and I’ve basically been an exhausted/jet-lagged mess ever since.

I just wanted to drop in and let you guys know that I AM working on my recaps of Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, from the expo to the races to the parks and everything in between. I’ll have my expo recap up tomorrow! We had a blast, but as always, I’ll also share some candid opinions on both the good and bad of the Disneyland races.

In the meantime, here a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend to tide you over.

(Because you KNOW I’m all about the pictures!)

The expo:


The 10K:


The half marathon:


Dumbo Double Dare:


Coast to Coast:




California Adventure:


Did you race last weekend?

Have a recap of your own to share? Let us know! :)



  1. AWESOME pics!!! So glad you head a great time! I can’t wait to read your recaps!!

  2. It’s hard keeping up with you and all your Disney races! Wow!

  3. Now that I see your pictures I’m PRETTTTTY sure that I saw you at the end of the 10k. But I wasn’t sure then and didn’t say hello. Now I feel silly! ;)

  4. Congrats! Look at all that bling :)

  5. Congrats!! Look like such fun! When is Disney not though?

  6. I love that race. I keep seeing all the pics and want to get back to running.

    Love seeing your posts.

  7. Whooo! Congrats on Dumbo and Coast to Coast! Your costumes came out perfectly!

  8. Loving the pictures! Can’t wait for the recaps.

  9. Loving the pics! Can’t wait for the recaps.

  10. Your costumes are AMAZING! Can’t wait for the full recap! We ran last week too. We did the RNR VA Beach half!

    • Woohoo! That’s awesome! I’m behind on my blog reading (what else is new?), but I’ll be going back to check out your recap!

  11. Love your costumes! So cute!

  12. Omg, you got a picture with the Dumbo statue. How did I NOT think of that?! I’m kicking myself!!

  13. Your costumes are so cute!

  14. I love the pics and all your fun outfits! So cute!!

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