Hunger and the Gym


Back from weigh-in, and as I expected, the scale wasn't as kind to me as it has been the last few weeks.  I was up .2 pounds.  Granted, I consider a .2 loss or gain to be a maintain (really - it's the same weight as this empty water bottle sitting on my desk), but it's still disappointing when … [Read more...]

Where I Went Wrong

I'm finally ready to admit why I stopped losing weight. My first year on my healthy lifestyle, and the pounds were dropping like crazy.  I was trading in my size 18s for 16s, then 14s for 12s, and finally 10s for my very first pair of "single-digit" jeans in a matter of months.  I was hitting the … [Read more...]

Eye on the Prize

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember how I got to be almost 270 pounds.  But then we go to a sporting event (okay, okay, Disney on Ice), my mother sneaks off and buys me a giant pretzel, and then when I refuse her offering, continues to ask me every ten minutes if I'm "sure" I don't want … [Read more...]

Doin’ it for Disney


(First things first: at weigh-in yesterday morning, I was down 2.2 pounds.   I'm on my way back down.  YES!) I haven't been on a vacation - a REAL vacation - in roughly eight years.  My parents are workaholics and rarely take breaks for family excursions, and aside from studying abroad in … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser


Last night I tuned into the latest season of The Biggest Loser.  And, as always, the contestants and their stories hit uncomfortably close to home for me. As I sit there enjoying my low-fat mint chocolate chip ice cream cup topped with a dollop of lite whipped topping, it's incredibly difficult … [Read more...]

Back on Track

Today I was reminded of precisely how I manage to summon the inner strength to pass up the donuts, ice cream, potato chips, and other delectable goodies that others consume without a care in the world.  Day one of my re-commitment to Weight Watchers and 40-pound weight loss goal, and I'm feeling … [Read more...]

Meet the Former “Fattie”


I've been fat my entire life. Really. I was a 10 pound baby, and it was all uphill from there. Most women struggle with losing five, 10, or possibly 20 pounds at any given point in their lives. Lucky them! Since I was barely out of diapers, I have wrestled with full-fledged obesity. As in 40, 50, … [Read more...]