Summer Goals

I’ve gone and fallen off the face of the Earth again. I know, I suck. Sorry, guys. :(

Now that the weather has officially warmed up (ugh) and summer is ahead, I’m making plans for what in the world I’m going to do with myself until I have to start training for the New York City Marathon. More than likely, I won’t start officially training until mid-July, which frightens me a bit because I really, reeeeeeally hate running in the heat of summer!

So what do I do until then? For starters, Todd and I have our last big race of the season this weekend: The Wildwood Half Marathon.

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It’s our first time running this race, and I’m not gonna lie…I’m mostly looking at it as an excuse to go to the beach. :)

And by "go to the beach," I actually mean "have an excuse to sit around and eat frozen treats." :)

And by “go to the beach,” I actually mean “sit around and eat frozen treats.” :)

I no longer feel properly trained to attempt a PR, especially since my running since the marathon hasn’t been the most consistent…or pleasant. I took one full week off, and since then have only tackled a couple of easy 3-4 milers. I also ran a “long” run of 8 miles last Sunday that did not go especially well due to the fact that my legs felt as though they weighed about 150 pounds each.

I’m also having a hard time sustaining the pace on my shorter runs that I was hitting when training for The Love Run a couple of months ago, which I’m chalking up to a.) lingering post-marathon fatigue combined with not enough recovery, b.) my usual post-marathon attitude of I HATE RUNNING, and c.) it’s getting TOO FRIGGIN’ HOT.

Whoooo loves running in 80+ degrees?!

Whoooo loves running in 80+ degrees?!


Moral of the story? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for cool temps in the morning this Sunday, and I’ll do the best I can. I figure I already scored my sub-2:05 qualifying time for Wine and Dine corral placement, so I’m not going to try to kill myself for this one if my body isn’t feeling it. But, if it is, then I’ll totally go for it and see what I can do.

After Wildwood? My other big goal of the summer is to finally grow some you-know-whats and sign up for a triathlon. I’ve been putting it off for a long time because I’m scared of the swimming portion. I am in no way intimidated by the running (of course), and I absolutely love to cycle so it would be awesome to have an excuse to incorporate more consistent cycling into my weekly workout routine. But the swimming? Notsomuch. I CAN swim, but I don’t especially enjoy it. I also definitely don’t have anything that even closely resembles proper form, and for some reason all of the running in the world apparently hasn’t prepared me for the rigors of swimming because even just going a few laps in the pool at our condo can leave me winded, lol.

Still, I KNOW that I’m the type who needs to constantly keep setting goals in order to stay motivated, so I figure this is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a little break from distance running for a couple of months and enjoy some other forms of cross-training. And, fortunately, my schedule has been permitting at least 2-3 Taekwondo classes per week as of late, so I’m hoping to be testing for my brown belt sooner rather than later!

In other news? It looks like I will be starting a new collection of warm-weather running gear to help get me through those sweltering summer training runs. I finally tried SparkleSkirts for the first time yesterday, and GOOD LORD I DO NOT KNOW HOW I EVER SURVIVED WITHOUT THEM!

As someone who has always had larger thighs — not to mention a fair amount of loose skin on my legs (…and belly…and arms…) from weight lossĀ  — attempting to find a pair of shorts or a running skirt that would accommodate my legs and NOT ride up, cause chafing, etc. has been an ongoing struggle. I usually have to buy a running skirt and then invest in a separate pair of longer compression shorts to go under them just to prevent that oh-so-joyous rubbing sensation.


A VERY rare race-day occurrence: attempting to run in anything other than capris.

Also, my waist is a little smaller than my legs, so my RunningSkirts skirt was the first one I found that fit my legs properly and didn’t ride up too much, but the waist is floppy and annoying and I keep having to pull it up constantly throughout the run. So, needless to say, I was skeptical about all the positive reviews I’ve read about SparkeSkirts, but figured it was worth a shot since I am TIRED of being hot and miserable on warm-weather runs just because I’m uncomfortable with/self-conscious of my thighs. I finally treated myself to a SparkleSkirt in the lovely “Castle Blue” color (because it just seemed appropriate).

And let me tell you…this skirt DID. NOT. MOVE. Granted, I only wore it for a quick 3-miler, but I could NOT believe it. The attached shorts underneath DID NOT BUDGE, and the waist stayed EXACTLY where I wanted it for the entire run. Plus, there are ginormous pockets in the shorts, so I could fit my keys and phone and all the other large items that I am forced to carry around in my bra (not ideal, obviously) when I forget to pack one of my running belts…and I completely forgot they were there!


So consider me totally obsessed. I’ll probably be taking it for a spin during the Wildwood Half this weekend for the ultimate test — a half marathon on what could be a 70+ degree day — but if all goes well, then it looks like I’ll be asking for SparkleSkirts for my (gulp) 30th birthday this summer. :)

What are your running/fitness/racing goals for the summer months?

What’s your favorite running skirt (if you wear ‘em)?



  1. I mostly wear Running Skirts but I have a Sparkle Skirt, and am ordering another one next month. I love the freedom of the skirts and so many designs :)

    • Jennifer says:

      Me too!!! I mean, the fact that they’re pretty is one thing, but they have just so many other good features (like those giant pockets!) that it’s hard not to give in. :)

  2. Ughh summer…it kills my running game every time. I really want to focus on building more strength this summer.

    • Jennifer says:

      Glad it’s not just me! That sounds like a great idea; I’ve found that setting some other non-running goals in the summer months is really helpful…since, to me, running is absolute torture when it’s hot and I want absolutely no part of it, haha.

  3. i cannot sing the praises of Sparkleskirts enough. they are expensive but the built in shorts and crazy pockets are so worth it. I wore it during the LA marathon, and it never once moved!

    • Jennifer says:

      YES! I am LOVING the pockets…it feels so freeing to not have to run with a belt, because there is SO much room in those things!

  4. I can understand your hesitation with the swimming part of the tri, I would be the same way. I even have a swimming pool in my backyard which I could easily use for cross training but I don’t. The most use I get out of it is watching our Labradors swim!

    Everyone just RAVES about those SparkleSkirts! I have not bought one because the cost intimidates me a bit but everyone who has one says it is totally worth the expense. I will admit I do LOVE my skirts and LOVE the 2 Velcro pockets in the front. I have several and hope to get more this summer. Perhaps I ought to ask for a SparkleSkirt for my birthday too!

    • Jennifer says:

      Haha, I hear ya! The condo pool is literally steps from our door, and yet there’s ALWAYS an excuse not to swim. The lounging around BY the pool, though, is another story. ;)

      I know the cost is high, but, YES, they are totally worth it. And I was a true skeptic, believe me! I think the RunningSkirts are great, too, but the sizing on this one seems to work for me a little better. I am totally obsessed. :)

  5. OMG I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo not looking forward to summer marathon training. Every time I think about it I’m like WHY THE HELL DID I REGISTER?!?! And shorts, no matter how awesome, just never work for me. In addition to having larger thighs my legs are long so I can’t find shorts that work. I’m super envious/happy that you were able to find something that words for you! Enjoy! :)

    • Jennifer says:

      UGH, you said it! LOL. I’m dreading it, too…I hate that a November marathon means having so start in the middle of summer. :(

      Yup. I hear ya. Can’t wear shorts. Have NEVER run in shorts. I’m a little envious of everyone who can just put on any pair of shorts on a hot summer day and go for a run, not gonna lie. And it figures that the ONE thing I’ve found that works costs, like, a zillion dollars per skirt, lol.

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