Review and Giveaway: PRO Compression Socks

If you’ve ever read my blog, you probably already know that I am madly, desperately, INSANELY in love with PRO Compression socks. And since I get questions about them all the time, I figured hosting a giveaway would be a great opportunity to help my fellow runners #keepittight…so, today, I’m offering one lucky reader a chance to try ‘em out for themselves!

Not only can they make excellent costume accessories, but my love for my PRO Compression marathon socks goes much deeper than that. I swear! :)

procompressioncollageWhen I first started running, I had all kinds of issues with my lower extremities, from frequent blisters to tendonitis to pretty severe calf pain and tightness. My first course of action was getting properly fitted at a running store (of course), but my second step was to re-evaluate my sock situation. As runners, we have an ENDLESS array of options, and I ended up trying lots (and lots…and lots…) of different socks.

But I have to tell you that the first time I ran in PRO Compression socks, I knew I had found my one true love(s)!


And these are just the ones that happen to be clean right now, lol

I’m not gonna lie — I invested in my first pair just because I thought they’d look sort of like the black boots that Mrs. Incredible wears as I assembled my costume for a local superhero-themed half marathon, haha. That day, the weather was rainy and miserable, the course was BY FAR the hilliest and most challenging I had encountered in my young running career, my legs and feet were shot…and I struggled BIG TIME.


So you can imagine my complete and utter shock when I woke up the next morning and felt as though I had done nothing the previous day but lounge around on the couch watching Gilmore Girls reruns (among my favorite rest day activities, BTW). My feet felt completely fine, my calves were hardly sore at all…and I even felt fresh enough to run that day. (Not that I did…I’m just saying I COULD have run that day…) ;)

Since then, I very rarely run without compression socks,  and I NEVER race without them!procompressioncollage4

I wouldn’t dream of tackling a long run in anything but my PRO Compression socks, and I even got Todd hooked on them, too. Fortunately for him, our feet are practically the same size, lol.


A little preview... :)

Some runners prefer to just use them for recovery, which is clearly a major benefit. I often change into a clean pair of compression socks after long races to help keep the blood flowing (and, you know, ensure that I can walk the next day), and I never, ever get on an airplane without them. I get some strange looks at security sometimes, though, haha.

But for me, running in them has helped make all of my early issues with pain, discomfort, and tightness in my legs and feet virtually disappear…and that’s why I pretty much consider them to be magic socks. :)


Since I just love taking on all of these back-to-back race runDisney challenges (the Dopey, the Goofy, the Glass Slipper, the Dumbo), I’ve even been known to sleep in them to help my legs feel as refreshed as possible for the next morning’s race. I am CONVINCED that they are what save my legs during a 48.6-mile challenge like the Dopey, especially since I always go ahead and spend the entire rest of the day walking around the Disney parks after each race!


So, how do they work? First, allow me to to directly quote from their website:

The science is complex, but the results are simple: recover faster and feel better sooner.

Compression socks help improve your circulation, which can reduce inflammation and help your body to recover more quickly. Which, of course, is of the UTMOST importance when you’re making your way through a half or full marathon training plan. It’s kind of hard to log 3, 4, or 5 runs per week when your legs and feet are still practically dead from the previous day’s miles.

I’ve only tried the marathon socks so far, but PRO Compression has all sorts of other options — calf sleeves, ankle socks, etc. I’ve already collected almost all of the solid colors, and now I’m making my way through their various patterned socks.


They have designs for pretty much any holiday-themed race you may want to run, from shamrocks to these patriotic socks they sent me. Guess I’ve got the finishing touch for my 4th of July race costume! :) procompressionstarsandstripessocks

Can they be pricey? Sure. But, to me, they are SO worth it. Besides, there are almost always special coupon codes — use BLG15 for 40% off socks and sleeves! — and they also offer a “Sock of the Month” e-mail list with new product announcements and other special coupons and deals. You can sign-up via their website here, or check out their wide array of socks and other goodies here.

To learn more about PRO Compression, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!

Okay, here it is! If you’ve ever wanted to try these awesome socks (or add to your collection!) please enter the giveaway below. The contest will run through the end of the day on St. Patrick’s Day (do YOU feel lucky?!) and the winner will be randomly chosen via Rafflecopter and announced right here on the blog on Wednesday, the 18th. I will contact the winning reader to get your sock size and address, and the folks at PRO Compression will send you a complimentary pair of their marathon socks! GOOD LUCK! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: PRO Compression kindly sent me a pair of socks to add to my enormous collection, but I received no other compensation for this post. All opinions are very much my own! :)


  1. Melanie Cowell says:

    I’ve never used compression socks or sleeves before. I’d love to give them a try!

  2. I ran in ProCompression socks for the first time during the Goofy Challenge in January. I probably wouldn’t have survived without them, and I definitely should have worn them walking around the parks because I think that’s where I really ruined my marathon… But I only have two pairs, so they were kept for the races!

  3. I’ve run in them, but I always get them dirty so I usually just keep them for recovery.

  4. I just got my first pair of compression socks and i LOVE THEM! I have just been using them for recovery and sleeping in them. My goal is after the LA marathon this weekend, to buy a few more pairs and start trying to run in them. I think they would help out with calf pains I get while I running sometime.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try out compression socks for awhile now – they seem like a cute and functional running accessory! ;) As I get ready to start my upcoming Dumbo Double Dare training these would be great!

  6. i love pro compression socks! i’ve only used them once during a race (i usually use them just for recovery), but they help my legs feel awesome! plus, they have a great selection of colors.

  7. I’ve decided that I MUST have a black pair for my Mrs. Incredible outfit at the Superhero Half! Win or lose the contest – I’ve GOT to try these! Thanks for sharing Jennifer, as always! :)

  8. I don’t run in compression socks, but I love wearing my PRO Compression socks for recovery!

  9. Wow, you really have them in every color! I do not own a pair of pro compression socks!

  10. I have never ran in them, but I would love to try them.

  11. I love compression socks and wear them for recovery. By the way, this is NOT an entry, just a comment! :)

  12. I run in compression socks, sleeves, and/or tights. I have varicose veins that can give me trouble and so I tried compression socks. I won’t run without them! I also wear them during recovery.

  13. Rochelle White says:

    I am new to running, but have worn compression socks for the last long haul flight I took. The difference was amazing! Thank you so much for the chance to win a pair of these socks!

  14. I’ve never run in them, but like to wear them after a long run to help with recovery. One of these days I need to try them on a run.

  15. Thanks for the contest

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