Race Recap AND My Dumbo Double Dare Costumes!

Hey, everyone! Sorry for being a bit MIA for the past couple of days…lots and lots of fun activities this weekend! Todd and I took in a Mets game on Friday night (which also happened to be Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day and featured a post-game Third Eye Blind concert!).


We also went to see a Jim Gaffigan comedy show in Atlantic City, and spent some time at the beach — my favorite!


On Sunday morning, we ran the 5K Challenge for CHHANGE at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft. It’s the second year of this race, and a pretty small one — there were about 150 runners overall, and only 10 total runners in my age category of 19-29. (Spoiler alert: I once again came in right in the middle of the pack, finishing 5th in my age group).


To give you a quick recap…it was a well-organized race with an ample supply of goodies (bagels, drinks, bananas, etc.), and the campus is really nice. I wasn’t thrilled that, yet again, they were somehow “sold out” of the size small t-shirt I requested when I picked up my bib — a bit of a pet peeve of mine, thanks to the tech shirt fiasco at the Superhero Half Marathon — but fortunately the t-shirts run a bit on the smaller side, so a medium works just fine.

It was a fairly flat course and had I gotten more than 4-5 hours of sleep (as previously mentioned, it was a BUSY weekend!) and NOT stuffed my face at Cuba Libre in Atlantic City the night before (whatever, it was worth it), there’s a decent chance I could have PRed.


I also think I went out just a bit too fast, because my per-mile pace for the first two miles was pretty impressive (for me, anyway), but then I struggled quite a bit in the last mile — it was a real effort just to keep my pace under 9 minutes. My finish time was 26:47.


Todd, however, earned himself a new 5K PR with a time of 23:17, and came in second for his age group…AND it was his very first medal! SO proud of him! :)


Because the next two days are going to be chock full of last-minute preparations for my Disneyland trip  — yes, yes, I am a wait until the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND kind of person — I thought I’d go ahead and post photos of my Dumbo Double Dare costumes! I decided to go as Mike Wazowski and Sulley, since I’m a rather large Monsters, Inc. fan…to say the least.


So without further ado, a little sneak preview of what I came up with! I definitely have to give a shout out to Todd’s mom, Nancy, for the Mike Wazowski costume…she was the mastermind behind that one, and I’m absolutely in love with it (if you’re reading this…THANKS AGAIN)! I was planning on wearing Sulley for the half marathon, but now I REALLY want to rock Mike Wazowski for the race…and thanks to the helmet (which may or may not be a chips/dip bowl, haha), it should make for an interesting 13.1 miles!DSCF4874


If any of you happen to spot me, PLEASE do say hi! Would love to meet you! :)

For any fellow running costume aficionados who might be curious…

The Sully costume consists of a Fila tank and running capris, purple Sparkle Athletic skirt (gotta show some love…check out their new company name and website here!), and I used Duck Tape for Sulley’s belly and his purple spots. The tail is basically a bunch of yarn from Michael’s that I braided together. I won the visor on eBay months and months ago, since, you know, I may or may not plan costumes the SECOND I sign up for a race…

Mike Wazowski is a Nike shirt, Fila capris, and his eye and mouth are made of felt and secured with fabric glue. And, of course, I’ll likely be the only person running around with a bowl on my head — ha! — but it looks just like Mike’s helmet from the first movie, so…it just has to happen. We had to drill holes in it and use some sparkly shoelaces to keep the helmet fastened to my head…I guess we’ll see what happens. :)

I’ll also be wearing the appropriately-colored Pro Compression socks for both costumes — which you can’t see in the photos because I am a huge dork who is attempting to take pictures of myself.

I’ll be packing some extra running duds (and, of course, another Sparkle Athletic skirt!) for my 2-mile run through the parks as part of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Meet-Up. So excited!

I still can’t believe it’s almost here! I’ve been gearing up for this race weekend for more than six months now, and I am SO ready.

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Dumbo runners: I want to see/hear about your race day costumes! If you have links/pics, please do share!

Have you ever run a race in costume?



































If any of you guys happen to spot me, please do say hi! Would love to meet you!


  1. SO cute!!! I am dressing as Mike for Disney World’s Marathon weekend! Your Sully is amazing! AND once again, I almost ran that race at Brookdale, but decided to take a weekend off! One of these days, we will hook up at a race!

    • Aw, thanks Kim! Can’t wait to see your Mike costume! :-D

      ARGH, for real?! That is too funny. I think I could have used a weekend off, too, believe me…haha. We will DEFINITELY have to run into each other (no pun intended) at a race eventually, right?! :)

  2. So cute and original! Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. Love your costumes! I’m running as tweedle dee (bf is dum!) for the 10k and then Ariel for the half! I will absolutely look for you- awesome ideas!

  4. Fun costumes! You know how they always say to practice running in your race outfit? Did you go out for a test run with the bowl on your head?? : )

    I’m doing a simple running clothes sort of group costume for the 10k, but we promised to keep it a secret until race morning! I’ll have plenty of pictures posted on social media and my blog Saturday though! Can’t wait!

  5. Those are fantastic, I love Mike Wazowski! Can’t wait to hear all about the weekend.

  6. Your costumes are THE BEST! My 13-y/o just said, “Awwwww….” You’re adorable! Third Eye Blind must have been amazing…
    I mentioned your blog on my blog today!

  7. Fantastic 5K time, Jennifer!! That is impressive :)

    Love love love your costumes! Hope you are having fun in Cali!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your Mike costume. I am definitely going to steal the idea for an upcoming race! Congrats on the awesome 5K time and I can’t wait to hear your recap from Disneyland! You’re my hero! :)

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