A Very Special Valentine’s Day…AND BIG NEWS!!!

Hey, guys! So something pretty huge happened on Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t wait make it blogosphere official. ;)

IMG_0931 (1)

Yes, in case you weren’t quite sure, this IS the obligatory “hey look at my left hand” picture we took to announce that…



Todd asked me to marry him in Central Park on Valentine’s Day…at the precise location where we finished the New York City Marathon together last November.


I guess the obvious idea was always to “pop the question” at the end of a marathon, but seeing as how we both tend to be on our death beds after running 26.2, Todd (understandably) had his reservations about making that our special moment. And seeing as how I was sooo sick after the NYC Marathon, and he was sooo sick after the Walt Disney World Marathon, I’m thinking he made the right decision, haha.
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So, anyway, I knew he had planned “a special day” for Valentine’s Day, but I was not informed as to where we were going or what we were doing.

(That being said, I DID know that a ring had been procured and that it was coming soon…so I had a pretty good feeling that this was going to be the day.)

After a delicious breakfast at Turning Point where I enjoyed an omelet and devoured sampled Todd’s amazing pancakes, we hopped a train into the city. Mind you, Sunday’s temperatures were forecasted to hover at a high of something like 5 degrees due to the wind chill, so let me tell you…it was FREAKIN’ COLD. Like, brutally cold. Like, cold enough that the streets of New York were practically deserted.

But, nonetheless, we made our way to Central Park as our first stop. It was a ghost town (duh) with the exception of a few crazy runners…appropriately enough. Todd found the site of the NYC Marathon finish line, and then it was a little bit funny (not gonna lie) to watch him struggle to find a patch of grass — since, OF COURSE, there were all these gates up due to some sort of lawn treatment that was being done — because I knew what was coming.

He told me that he hoped this location that once represented the end of something we accomplished together could now symbolize the beginning of something entirely different…and many new adventures to come. :)

And it was perfect because neither of us are the type of people to enjoy big public displays or lots of attention from strangers, so the fact that it WAS so cold and the park was practically empty meant that it could be a private moment for just the two of us.

IMG_0902 (2)

After THE BIG MOMENT (and, um, using my little mini camera tripod to take about 1,000 pictures), we jumped back on the subway to visit the New York City Marathon exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York.


It wasn’t quite as elaborate as we thought it would be, but there were tons of awesome pictures from the race, some interesting factoids, a timeline, and a couple of pieces of memorabilia…so it was a cool way to relive the experience.


Then we went to our early dinner reservations, where we enjoyed a ginormous Porterhouse steak for two. :)

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The day concluded with Todd surprising me with tickets to see Finding Neverland on Broadway…which I absolutely loved. (Even though there were parts that are so super depressing and sad that I couldn’t even stand it). But, I mean, how could we not have some sort of Disney representation in this special day…?


So, I guess it’s official. This princess has officially found her prince. <3

416592_217452723_XLarge (1)…and she couldn’t be any happier. :-D


Who else has a proposal story to share…?! :)


  1. Awwww!! What a great story! CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Love stories and happily ever after school are the best <3


    I had a feeling this was coming eventually and I love that it was at the end of the NYCM without being at the end of the actual race (and I feel you-my boyfriend is on strict orders to never propose at the end of the race haha). and I know it is cold but I love how the pictures have no one in them!

    You guys are the cutest couple around and one of these days we will actually get to meet up when we run the same race!!

    and you better post about all of the amazing wedding planning details too :)

  3. About time! Congratulations ❤️ So pleased for you both.

  4. Congrats! You’ve been such a great team with your running. Would do a Disney theme?

  5. Congratulations!!

  6. EeeKKkk, I was SO hoping that was the big news!!!!!
    I am SOooooo happy for the two of you. What a beautiful engagement story! I love Todd’s theory on why he picked that spot! Congrats!

  7. Congratulations!!! So excited for both of you and love the story behind it!

  8. Yay, congrats!!! So happy for you and Todd! Your engagement story is so perfect for the two of you. I wish you both nothing but happiness in the future.

  9. Congrats!! Perfect engagement story. Based on your race outfits…I bet you will have some amazing DIY wedding decor ;)

  10. Congratulations! So happy for you both, you are a perfect pair!

  11. ahhh congratulations! not going to lie, i’ve been waiting for this for awhile :P every time you teased us with big news, i thought “i wonder if they’re engaged!” but it was usually just a race…which is also awesome! i think it’s great that todd tied in so many of your favorite things in to one day. lucky lady!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I think I knew you had found the one the day you announced him on the blog, haha. Wearing all of those matching costumes and running marathons with you? Yep, that’s true love! :D

  13. christi in ma says:

    I wondered if he might pop the question as you ran through the castle during the half or marathon.
    But his plan was so much better!
    Many happy years and miles together!!

  14. Thanks for sharing your AWESOME news! Congratulations! Really excited for you. Enjoy!

  15. Squeeeeeee!!! Congrats! You two are so adorable!

  16. Aww, I’m so excited for you and love the story behind the proposal. Congrats to you both! PS. Sorry this is posted so long after your announcement- I was away and social media was not on my mind

  17. Congratulations! You guys are too cute! And good job on the engagement shenanigans Todd! Can’t wait to see what kind of Disney wedding magic you come up with. :)

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so awesome!
    (Similarly, my husband had wanted to propose to me at the end of Princess 2012-my first race, but was concerned I would have a heart attack before I reached the end – thanks for believing in me sweetie! lol)
    anyway, CONGRATS again! So happy for you! :)

  19. Congrats! Did you two mwet while running?

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